my departure from social media is permanent

UPDATE (06.04.2023) – Post updated to reflect my departure from all social media, including Mastodon.

So why did I leave Twitter – an app which was for several years my preferred social network? The answer’s pretty simple – it just wasn’t fun anymore. And that sucks, because some of my friends are still on there and are unlikely to jump to Mastodon or other apps from what I’ve seen. However, once I started having the same feelings about Twitter that I had about Facebook (which I ditched last year), I knew it was time to go. So I deactivated my Twitter a few weeks back and then deleted the app sometime afterward.

While I was uncertain about Mastodon at first, it fully subsumed the bird app for me. Despite its smaller user base and somewhat steeper learning curve, the network was fun.

I liked the fact that Mastodon feeds appeared to be true chrono and not algorithmic; in that sense, the conversations and threads felt more genuine.

After 6 months on Mastodon, however, I got bored with it. Mastodon isn’t bad, per se, but between spending more time cycling and wanting to spend the rest of my limited free time doing other things, I decided to cut social media out. And with that, I decided to delete my Mastodon account.

NYTIP: Still no ETA for v1.0.0 of the enhanced NYC subway, unfortunately, but I am still working on it!

TUTORING: Still at it! 19 years and counting – where does the time go? Guess time really flies when one is having fun!

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