session 2 – the waters weep

A poem by nerdy.nel.

i take my steps near waters still
and gaze at the sun
i wish i could sit down and chill
but mind’s on the run
i chased it down and then i saw
myself in the deep
the rays revealed a heart cut raw
and soul fast asleep
i called to soul and bid it rise
but rise it did not
i next tried friends, but ’twas surprised
they all just forgot
was this a fate that i had sown
or thoughts overblown?
i reached to truest love i’ve known
but eyes overgrown
can’t see those things that lie ahead
which led to pure dread
if i can’t hear her voice in head,
then i’m as the dead
then i remembered how i felt
and tried for the shore,
but i’m too deep in waves that dealt
a blow to my core
i live, but sadness is my frame
with love bound inside
can love remove depression’s shame
and free the bright sky
that’s wrapped so tight in eyes that cry
that clouds rule the day?
i often ask my love ‘o why?’
but why leads the way.

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