session 1 – the tears we shed

the thoughts that pulse inside my head
won’t bring me back to days of dread
the light that shone from depth to breadth
shall shine once more past tears I shed

the thoughts that course my veins like blood
shall not engulf me like a flood
or trap me deep in darkest mud
and render hope in me a dud

with guidance from the One above
I shall emerge as push to shove
and in the name of sovereign love
my hope shall rise with wings as doves

with guidance from the light within
my being shall swim against the din
of voices wearing patience thin
and bodies ever slaves to sin

now let us join in one more dance
with thoughts in perfect battle stance
to them the fight, to us the chance
to take our rest in skyward manse

we’ve shed our tears and run our course
our spirits cracked and voices hoarse
the guilt left back with no remorse
revival won with ‘sounding force

now this, the end of tears to cry
the end of eyes so blind to sight
the end of questions wond’ring why
the answer surely drawing nigh

and thus we sing a mighty song
to show that we indeed belong
and dare to find ourselves among
the boast of joy from heaven’s throng

© nerdy.nel, 2021 and beyond

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